茶畑 SR times 第7号 「第1学年 学術研究(国際交流)」


SR7号写真1  Hello, my name is Jeffry Moomaugh. My country of birth is the United States. I was born in Moscow, Idaho and have lived in many western states. A favorite hobby of mine is to go hiking in areas of geological significance.
 At Ichiko I teach English to first year students along with English based physics and chemistry to second year students. My qualifications for teaching these classes are a bachelor's degree in Geology from the University of Arizona with a minor in science education. I taught earth science and integrated science in California and Arizona for seven years before coming to Japan.
 When I consider my career path as a teacher Geology and English have always been in the fore front. For me Geology is a very important and fascinating subject. The earth is a dynamic place to live. Discovering the reasons why forces such as earthquakes and plate tectonics exist is always in the back of my mind. English is important in that one must communicate to the world both academic endeavors and as a world citizen. If I contribute through English and science education to the youth of today, then I have done my job.
 My first impression of Ichiko is there are many gifted students here. The somewhat casual dress code gives the sense students are encouraged to be independent thinkers. The teachers and staff are impressive, devoted to academic excellence. You combine these elements together and innovation must be a possible outcome.



  My hopes and message to the students are that I, as an educator can communicate the need for using English to express both academic and personal interest topics. Someday many Ichiko graduates will be doing great things that
contribute to the world. If one goes beyond Japan to express one's accolades the language will be English.    
 For the students the world is more connected now then anytime before. This involves many forms of information and communication. Choose carefully how you want to interact with this smaller, more connected world. If possible always seek out many sources of information and communication to make well informed decisions in your life.
  I have enjoyed living in Japan very much. So much that I'm here for a second year. My experience with the Japanese people has been memorable to say the least. I hope to have more great encounters this year and take the opportunity to travel in Japan.
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu, Jeffry Moomaugh


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